Chromebooks and Google Apps for Education: Key Strategies for Successful Implementation

This is the presentation I delivered with +Rolland Chidiac-WCDSB at the recent +Google in Education Summits by EdTechTeam in Kitchener, hosted by +Mark W. Carbone and the Waterloo Region District School Board. There were many fantastic presenters and sessions, like the first one I attended last year. At the beginning of my presentation, I reflected on the fact that at last April's summit I had just started to explore the use of these tools to enhance student learning. At that conference I met +Sylvia Duckworth and it led to our implementation of GAFE to facilitate a collaborative story retell project between our two remote classes.

As you will see from the documentation below, a lot can happen in one year. In the Waterloo Catholic District School Board we now have teachers in each of our schools being trained in the use of Chromebooks & Google Apps for Education as we move to a Board-wide implementation.

I created the presentation in +RealtimeBoard which is a free app for education. It is an excellent tool which allows you to create multi-media, interactive mind maps and whiteboards. Follow the instructions below to see the presentation;

  • use magnify tools in bottom left corner to zoom in/ out of interactive multi-media mind map
  • click & drag the hand to move the board
  • click arrow next to title to start presentation mode
  • use arrows below documents to navigate contents
You are free to use & adapt any of the Google Docs in the presentation (File > make a copy). They are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.