Innovative Teaching to Promote Deeper Learning in Math - Waterloo Catholic DSB, Part 2

As part of last year's Technology Learning Fund (TLF), we created a Video Series to showcase what 21st Century Learning looks like in different classrooms in our Board (see playlist icon in top left corner of the video embedded below).

This year, during sessions 7 and 8 of the TLF-Math training, a videographer accompanied a researcher from Wilfrid Laurier University to conduct interviews with students and teachers that participated in the project.
A series of short (an average 5 minutes in length) student interviews (n=27) were conducted during the class visits (each class visit was approximately 20-30 minutes) at 2 participating schools. Students were interviewed most often in pairs or in a group of 3 and sometimes alone if they were working on a project alone or if their partner did not have consent to participate.

Short teacher interviews (10-20 minutes in length, n=5 ) were conducted during the lunch breaks of the professional development session. The teachers consented for their interviews to be edited and shared publicly and for their quotes from interview data to be used in final reports of the TLF-M.
The videographer distilled the interviews down to a 10 minute video that is available to view below: “Innovative Teaching to Promote Deeper Learning in Math”.
Themes that are addressed and indexed in the video, through the words and actions of teachers and students include:

  • leveraging digital tools for student learning
  • student collaboration & critical thinking
  • student voice & meta cognition
  • teacher reflection on pedagogical practice
  • changing role of the teacher
  • student-led inquiry
  • leveraging digital
  • student choice in their learning - defining the problem
  • connecting the learning
  • innovation through iteration
  • the value of professional collaboration