Innovative Teaching to Promote Deeper Learning in Math - Waterloo Catholic DSB, Part 3

Research Question
One of the questions from our Technology Learning Fund Math Evaluation Project was:
What are the impacts of the TLF-M teacher professional development on student learning and achievement?
This report shares the results of one attempt at capturing the impact on students through use of pre and post tests. Description of Pre and Post Tests
Post tests were completed within 2 weeks of the last session on May 8, 2017.
A WCDSB Math consultant developed a pre-test for participating teachers to have students complete using a Google Form prior to implementing any of the new pedagogies in the classroom. The tests included transformation geometry thinking/application (only application for primary) questions from 2006-2010 - Gr 3 EQAO (13 qs) for Grade 3-5s. For participating Grade 7-8 students, Grade 6 transformation geometry EQAO questions were used (13qs).
All pre-tests were completed in class prior to session 3. The pre tests were analysed and individual and class results were used as assessments of learning to inform educator’s learning plans beginning in session 3.